Still Hauling Produced Water the Way They Did in 1965?

Technology has changed every industry, yet most produced water haulers are still using an outdated and inefficient process. Drivers take unnecessary risks every day, climbing to the top of storage tanks and exposing themselves to VOC’s. Manual measurements leave you open to miscalculations and expensive fines, while handwritten paperwork takes too much time and leads to too many errors.

fieldFLOW revolutionizes produced water hauling, by protecting drivers and saving time and money.  Eliminate paperwork, the risk of EPA violations, and time consuming credits and rebills. Save up to 60 minutes on location per driver per day, and ensure 100% accuracy in your measurements.

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Boots Stay on the Ground, Thief Hatches Stay Closed

fieldFLOW immediately increases the safety of your drivers and lowers the risk of injuries. Keep drivers off tanks and away from VOCs.

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Less Paperwork, More Driving

Streamline the process and eliminate the need to for handwritten tickets, fieldFLOW automatically measures and records all information.

Maximize Every Load, Eliminate Fines

Our sensors are accurate to with 1/2 barrel. This allows you to haul the maximum amount of water every trip and avoid costly fines.

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