It's time to think differently about water.


Disposal and management of produced water is a messy business.  fieldFLOW is here to clean it up.

Our platform creates safety, transparency, accuracy, and accountability.  

If you are a water hauler, fieldFLOW will help you to save time and money, win more business, get paid faster, and retain the best drivers.  

If you are a producer, fieldFLOW will give you visibility into your produced water hauling operations and save you money.  

This is not just  another electronic field ticket system. No more manual tank gauging. No more drowning in paper. No more credit and rebill.

This is a whole new way to operate.



Safety and Efficiency

fieldFLOW is technology your drivers will love and a process you can trust.

Your drivers spend less time on each location and keep their feet on the ground, thanks to automated measurements and paperless tickets.

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If you haul water you know that getting paid for the work you do can be an uphill battle.  Manual measurements are inaccurate. Paper field tickets are hard to read and get lost.  Invoices get rejected.

If you operate a well, you know how hard it is to verify the tickets. To trust that the work got done and the invoice is accurate.  fieldFLOW changes everything.  By instrumenting the trailer we can guarantee the precise volume, location, and date/time of every load and unload.

How it works →