• Step One ... drive to location

  • Step Two ... automatically READ LOAD volume

  • Step Three ... CLICK AND submit your field ticket

Simply brilliant.
fieldFLOW may be the most important breakthrough the water hauling business has ever seen. It will change the nature of the relationship between operators and service companies, and even make the regulators smile.
— SVP Operations, the largest operator in Colorado
Click here to get started

Click here to get started

More than just an electronic field ticket, fieldFLOW is a complete platform for managing your water hauling operation. fieldFLOW pays for itself in the first month.

Feet stay safely on the ground.

The driver has no need to climb up on top of a tank and open a thief hatch.  Doing so is dangerous, exposes the driver and the environment to toxic VOCs, and manual gauging isn’t very accurate.

No more paper tickets.

Paper can be lost or damaged, handwritten data can be hard to read or written incorrectly, and inaccuracies cause delays in payment. 

Installs in under 15 minutes

The sensor screws right into the center dome lid on your trailer, and does not require crawling into the tank.  With no moving parts, it uses guided wave radar and a Bluetooth connection to send volume measurements to a smartphone. Training drivers to use the app takes just a few minutes.


Keep your employees safe while saving time and money.

fieldFLOW in the field

Automatic volume measurements, sent from the sensor to the smartphone, mean no more manual gauging.

All location and trailer information is captured with the simple scan of a QR code. Nothing is written by hand – or even typed – nothing is done on paper, tickets are transmitted immediately with time, date, and location information attached.  It's fast, accurate, and reliable.

Signatures can be captured electronically and photos and notes are easily attached to tickets.




fieldFLOW in the office

The fieldFLOW dashboard gives you the insights you need to make informed decisions around your field operations.  

It lives in the cloud, so there is no software to install and no IT resources required.

Data from all of your fieldFLOW tickets feeds into the dashboard. Our algorithm calculates time on location and time between locations for all your vehicles and presents everything in a map view that allows you to optimize your operations.