Say Goodbye to Manual Measurements

Gone are the dangerous days of climbing up on top of storage tanks and opening thief hatches. fieldFLOW immediately takes all of the manual measurements out of water hauling. Your drivers simply arrive on location, click a button on their smartphone, connect the hose and pull the load.  Eliminate exposure to VOCs and save a ton of time on location.

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1. Click Arrival Volume

Your drivers arrive on location, click the arrival level on their smart phone, connect the hose and pull the load. 

  • No risk of climbing on tanks
  • Eliminate opening thief hatches
  • Reduce driver exposure to VOCs
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2. Click Departure Volume

After a load has been pulled, drivers click the departure volume on their smartphone, and fieldFLOW sensors will report and record the total amount of water removed from the tank.

  • No manual measurements
  • Accurate within 1/2 BBL
  • No manual calculations or paperwork in the field
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3. Email or Print Ticket

All that's left for the driver to do now is email the information back to the office, or print out a job ticket.

  • Jobs are 100% accurate and verifiable
  • Guaranteed transparency with production offices

100% accurate ticket information can be sent to production and hauling offices.


fieldFLOW in the Office

The fieldFLOW dashboard can be fully integrated with your existing accounting software, and gives you the insights you need to make informed decisions around your field operations.  There is no software to install and no IT resources required.

Data from all of your fieldFLOW tickets feeds into the dashboard, allowing for 100% transparency.

fieldFLOW calculates time on location and time between locations for all your vehicles, and presents everything in a map view that allows you to optimize your operations. 


Our streamlined installation gets your trucks back on the road in just one hour.


One Hour Installation

The fieldFLOW sensor head installs right into the center dome lid on your trailer, and does not require crawling into the tank. With no moving parts, it uses guided wave radar and a Bluetooth connection to send volume measurements to a smartphone. 

Training drivers to use the app takes just a few minutes. 

All location and trailer information is pre-programmed, so there's no guesswork for the drivers. Signatures can be captured electronically and photos and notes are easily attached to tickets.

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