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Profit margins in the oilfield water hauling industry are razor thin, so the most successful companies are the most efficient. fieldFLOW squeezes every drop of revenue out of your operations, while dramatically improving safety.  Increase your efficiency, reduce your time on location and maximize every single load with this amazing new technology.

Stand Out in the Crowd. Win More Jobs.

fieldFLOW allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition by providing more information and increased transparency for your clients. Eliminate paperwork, the risk of EPA violations, and time consuming credits and rebills. Save up to 60 minutes on location per driver per day, and ensure 100% accuracy in your measurements.

Simple Installation

Eliminates Manual Measurements

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Thief Hatches Stays Closed

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More Driving, Less Time on Location

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Wirelessly Transmit Field Tickets


What Our Clients Say About Us

Simply brilliant.
fieldFLOW may be the most important breakthrough the water hauling business has ever seen. It changes the nature of the relationship between operators and service companies, and even make the regulators smile.
— SVP Operations, the largest operator in Colorado

Your Time is Money.  Experience a Whole New Way to Manage Water.

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